Unique Group’s Buoyancy & Ballast division is pleased to announce a new collaboration with React A/S of Stavanger. React A/S will provide in-country supply, service and support of Unique Group’s Seaflex equipment to Norwegian customers, for both hire and sale.

The agreement covers the two main elements of the Seaflex portfolio: water-filled bags and related accessories for load-testing purposes, and air-filled bags in a variety of styles for diving, salvage and installation operations.

React is now stocked with brand-new LEEA-compliant Seaflex load-testing bags in denominations up to 35t and 16-bag / 6000kg lifeboat testing sets, in addition to IMCA-compliant diving and salvage Air Lift Bags in denominations up to 35t. The React rental facility is staffed by Seaflex-trained and authorised technicians working to service standards consistent with those at the UK factory.

Upon signing this agreement Haavard Saeverud, Managing Director of React A/S commented, “We are delighted to have signed up with the industry-leader in this field, enabling us to offer our Norwegian customer-base the newest rental stock of airbags and waterbags. All the WaterLoad™ bags at this facility have been type-tested to prove the 6:1 factor of safety on their WLL in line with LEEA 051 guidelines. The Air Lift Bags have been similarly tested and certified to 5:1 as per the equivalent IMCA guidelines. Additionally, both product lines come with the weight of Product Design Assessment Certification from ABS – something that isn’t carried by any other bags in the market.”

Seaflex’s Global Sales Manager, Chris Sparrow, observed, “Having known Haavard for several years, and being aware of how well regarded he is within the Norwegian market, it was an easy decision for us to partner with him. I have no doubt that React’s commitment to offering outstanding service to our mutual customers in Norway will lead to an increase in our business there. Despite the currently challenging marketplace, safe and proven products delivered with excellent service at competitive prices will always be an attractive proposition. This has been demonstrated by the fact that more than 100 bags have already been out on rental since the facility was established over the course of Q2 this year.”

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