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Unique Group’s Buoyancy and Ballast division has signed a partnership agreement with Polish firm Alfa Logistics that strengthens its service offering to customers in a growth market.

Alfa Logistics is now equipped to supply, service and support the deployment of Seaflex equipment – for hire and for sale – in Poland and the wider Baltic region.

The arrangement covers the two main elements of the Seaflex portfolio: water-filled bags and related accessories for load-testing purposes, and air-filled bags in a variety of styles for diving, salvage and installation operations.

Szczecin-based Alfa Logistics is stocked with brand new LEEA-compliant Seaflex load-testing bags in denominations up to 20t, with plans to stock 35t bags and lifeboat testing kits in the near future. Its rental facility is staffed by Seaflex-trained and authorised technicians working to the same service standards as those applied at the UK factory.

Chris Sparrow, Global Sales Manager of Seaflex, says: “We are delighted to be teaming up with Alfa Logistics, a young and dynamic company actively looking to expand its portfolio of lifting products and services. Its location in north-west Poland is equidistant from Hamburg and Gdansk, meaning that it can very efficiently and effectively service Seaflex customers along a long stretch of coastline from Germany through Poland and up to the Baltic states.”

Alfa Logistics’ co-founder, Maciej Swiesciak, says: “This partnership with Unique Buoyancy & Ballast, the worldwide market leader in its specialist field, represents an exciting new opportunity. There are no better-tested, better-proven or more robust bags in the industry than the Seaflex bags we are now stocking. The training it has provided to allow us to become a certified and authorised Seaflex service centre has been comprehensive. And we now look forward to offering this equipment to customers within our catchment area – which extends several hundred miles in each direction and across international borders.”

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