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Unique Hydra, a division of Unique Maritime Group (UMG) one of the world’s leading integrated turnkey subsea and offshore solution providers, is delighted to announce that it has been selected by Ultra Deep Solutions (UDS) to design, build and integrate the dive system for a multipurpose Diving Support Construction Vessel (DSCV).

The new DSCV is equipped with a 300HD 18-man twin bell Saturation Diving System. The dive system incorporates the latest mechanical and electrical design requirements. The feature rich diving system offers a first in the drive towards reducing the complexity of shipyard integration and installation time frames.

UDS has combined the high tech factor, practicality and high safety standards to design and build this DP3 18-man twin bell diving support construction vessel. It is designed to operate up to 4000m water depth, in collaboration with Marin Teknikk Norway, the world’s renowned global ship designer of such highly-spec vessels.

The vessel is modeled on the proprietary “Red Class 6027” MT design DSCV and is a DP3, 142-meter state-of-the-art multipurpose subsea DSCV.

UDS specializes in the design, construction and operations of World-Class Ultra Deep Diving Heavy Construction Vessel to the offshore industry. Its onshore and offshore expertise provides top-class quality offshore-related services/knowledge with excellent high standards.

Unique Hydra is a leading manufacturer and supplier of diving equipment to the oil and gas industry. Their experience has given Unique Maritime Group a leading edge in obtaining contracts involving the design, production, supply and maintenance of its specialized equipment. Unique Hydra manufactures and offers a complete range of diving systems – from air and mixed gas to complete saturation diving systems encompassing Divers LARS and Wetbells. Some of its other equipment includes the daughtercraft systems, hyperbaric rescue facility, breathing air compressors and decompression chambers.

Some of the specifications of the new vessel include:

  • Length overall 142.90 m
  • Breadth moulded 27.00 m
  • Depth Main deck 11.00 m
  • Dead Weight 8,000 ton
  • Main Deck 1,500 m² @ 10.0t/m²
  • Capt. Deck 650 m² @ 2.0t/m²
  • Main Crane Huisman 400t Dual fall 3200 m
  • Single fall 5200 m
  • Trial speed 14 knots
  • Accommodation 140 person

Mike Jessop, Managing Director Unique Hydra commented, “We are aware of our client’s requirement for a modern and reliable DSCV. The award of this project demonstrates our clients’ confidence in Unique Hydra’s in-depth technical capabilities, our strength in project execution and the considerable financial capabilities established through our corporate partnership recently formed with Blue Water Energy. We have increased our DSV solution capabilities over the last year and we are globally positioned to handle multiple DSV contracts. We strongly believe that over the next few years our brand and product will become the Diving System of choice.”

Shel Hutton, Chief Executive Officer @ UDS also commented, “With only 30 similarly-sized but older vessels worldwide, and the requirement in the industry for safe yet fast-response vessels, UDS is poised to deliver such high standards of quality to the deep and ULTRADEEP water projects. The “Red Class 6027” combines the practicality, safety, reliability, efficiency and impressive subsea technology. We are confident that it will exceed the expectations of oil majors and offshore operators.”

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