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100t Seaflex WaterLoad™ Crane-Test Bag Introduced by Unique Group’s Buoyancy & Ballast Division

Above: First Seaflex 100t WaterLoad™ bag in use at the Port of Blyth, UK

Unique Group’s Buoyancy & Ballast division has launched the largest load test water bag on the market, through its specialist Seaflex brand, in response to demand from clients.
It is:

  • The largest waterbag available in the market today
  • Immediately available for purchase via global network of Unique Group offices and Seaflex sales partners
  • Being rolled out into worldwide Seaflex rental stocks as of June 2016

Customers have been seeking to cluster up to 300t under a single hook, or looking to test loads between 50t and 100t without rigging up multiple bags under a spreader beam. Now, UK water weights manufacturer, Unique Group, has added to its world leading Seaflex brand of products and launched the 100t waterbag.

Ben Board, Unique Seaflex’s Site Support Manager, who supervised the first use of the Seaflex 100t WaterLoad™ bag in mid-April at the Port of Blyth on the North-East coast of the UK commented, “Our main aim with the 100t waterbag design was to ensure ease and speed of use for the operator of such a large piece of test equipment. So the j-tube (or swan-neck), system for filling these bags in the most convenient spot around the hem is carried up to the 100t from the smaller models in this range. Twin 4-inch dump hoses are fitted, which allows a bag of this size to be emptied in a touch over 15 minutes. And, as with all our WaterLoad™ range, the 100t model comes in its own dedicated transit crate, making it a very quick and simple task to lift it our via the masterlink for filling and to flake it directly back into the box when the job is done.”

The 100t Seaflex Waterload™ bag is immediately available for purchase worldwide from Unique Group, or any of our approved partners.

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