Norbit iWBMSh: Multibeam Sonar System
Norbit iWBMSh: Multibeam Sonar System
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Norbit iWBMSh: Multibeam Sonar System

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Unique Group offers Norbit iWBMSh, a compact broadband multibeam sonar closely coupled with an integrated Applanix POS MV Oceanmaster providing our clients with a high performance system for the most demanding environments. It offers a curved array and GNSS/INS that delivers the highest XYZ performance for the price. Its small form factor, low power draw, and tight integration allow installation on any survey platform.


Multibeam sonar with integrated

Fitted with Integrate Applanix Oceanmaster Inertial Navigation System

NTRIP Client.

Hydrodynamic fairing


Backscatter outputs (intensity,

sidescan, sidescan snippets, snippets,

water column)

Multidetect and simple ethernet interface


Swath coverage: 5-210° (shallow water IHO special order >155°)

Range resolution: <10 mm (acoustic)

Operating frequency: 400 khz with bandwidth 80 khz

Depth range: 0.2-275 m (160m typical) and ping rate: up to 50hz (adaptive) .

Position accuracy: Hor; ±(8 mm +1 ppm x distance from rtk station) Ver; ±(15 mm +1 ppm x distance from rtk station) and heading accuracy: 0.02° (rtk) with 2 m antenna separation

Operating / storage temp: -4° C to +40° C and -20°C to +60°C.


Coastal zone and offshore bathymetry

Pipeline surveys

Pond, river and estuary surveys

Harbour and lake surveys

USV & UUV ready

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