Teledyne Workhorse Navigator: Doppler Velocity Log
Teledyne Workhorse Navigator: Doppler Velocity Log
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Teledyne Workhorse Navigator: Doppler Velocity Log

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Teledyne Workhorse Navigator DVL is a highly acclaimed Doppler Velocity Log (DVL) that provides precise velocity and altitude updates for a wide variety of underwater tasks. The highly flexible design allows the unit to be used in a stand-alone configuration or integrated with other navigation systems.


Bottom track and Water track velocity

Altitude: 4 individual measurements

Error velocity (data quality indicator)

Temperature and heading/tilt

Acoustic echo intensity


Hardware configuration: 4-beam Janus array convex transducer, 30 degree beam angle

DC input: 20-50VDC, external supply (48VDC typical)

Current: 0.4A minimum power supply capability

Compass: +/-2degree @ 60 degree dip, 0.5g

Temperature sensor: -5 degree to +45 degree C


Subsea vehicle and surface vessel navigation

Hydrographic, geophysical, and oceanographic survey positioning data

LBL and USBL position aiding & Pipeline touchdown monitoring

Spool piece metrology & inertial navigation correction and integration

Cable burial operations and deep water positioning

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