UG 3DPP: 3 Diver Portable Panel
UG 3DPP: 3 Diver Portable Panel
Diving + Life Support

UG 3DPP: 3 Diver Portable Panel

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Unique Group’s 3DPP offers dedicated control panels for 3 divers. It is designed in compliance with the IMCA D023.


Stainless Steel surface mount construction packed inside a Plastic Pelican Box

Designed for Breathing Air

Only piped with Stainless Steel & Tungum Tubing

O2 Analysers with a flowmeter are connected to the inline supply to each diver

A 3-diver radio is provided for communication


1 x Independent HP regulated port & line each diver

1 x Common LP port & line per diver

4” Life Support pressure gauge with quarter turn valve to control the flow

6”, 0-70 MSW, 3D depth gauge complete with a PVR to prevent over pressurisation

Length: 850mm, Width: 750mm, Height: 450mm, Weight: +/- 50 to 60 kg


Scuba replacement and portable diving operations

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