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Umbilical Cutter

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Umbilical Cutter

The umbilical cutter is an emergency device used to sever the umbilical. It consists of a blade in a Stainless Steel housing which is actuated from within the bell by means of a hydraulic hand-pump. It is designed to easily cut through a fully pressurised umbilical fitted with a Kellems grip. All controls are mounted inside the bell. The umbilical cutter is fitted with a safety pin designed to resist an 80 bar back-pressure on the hydraulic system. This ensures that should any water or gas pressure be trapped in the hydraulic system, the umbilical will not be inadvertently cut. 108mm / 125mm Diameter cutting aperture sizes are available.


Temp Range: 0°C - 52°C
Max Working Pressure: 310bar

Order Detail:

Umbilical Cutter - 108mm: D-BE-005
Umbilical Cutter - 125mm: D-BE-006
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