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HPP 200EV, Electrical Hydraulic Tool HPU

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  • HPP 200EV, Electrical Hydraulic Tool HPU
HPP 200EV, Electrical Hydraulic Tool HPU

The HPP 200E is a hydraulic tool power unit that features a vertically mounted electric motor. The power pack features variable hydraulic flow rate of up to 50 litres per minute which makes it suitable to run virtually any form of hand held hydraulic tool including the complete range of Stanley hydraulic hand tools.

• Pressure compensated flow control valve for variable hydraulic flow
• 4-purpose built lifting points and 4 - point lifting sling
• Shell and tube water heat exchanger
• 160L oil tank capacity
• Variable flow axial piston pump Features an hour meter on the control box
• Low-oil level cut out

Electric Motor Power: 22.2kW @1750RPM
Frequency: 60Hz
Operating Voltage: 440Volts
IP Rating (motor and panel): IP56
Max. relief valve pressure: 20MPa
Oil flow rate from hydraulic pump: 50l/min @ 60Hz
Oil reservoir capacity: 160L
Oil Type: ISO VG 46
Sea Water Cooler: 8.3kW heat dissipation capacity at specified flow
Required sea water flow :
Max. water flow : 45l/min
Lifting lugs SW:L: 1160kg
Filtration: 10µ tank top with clogging indicator

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HPP 200EV, Electrical Hydraulic Tool HPU - Vertical D-ST-141
Spares for HPP200EV D-ST-141-01


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