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Hydroweld, Welding Rods

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Hydroweld, Welding Rods

These wet welding electrodes are the result of over 5 years research and development into flux formulations, filler metals and supplementary coatings. They are designed to work in all positions in fresh water or brine to a depth of 100 metres. Their outstanding user friendly properties and wet welding characteristics, easily produce high quality wet welds to internationally recognised standards. The electrodes are available in 3.2mm x 350mm long and are sold in boxes of 90 electrodes or 4mm x 350mm and are sold in boxes of 60 electrodes.

• General purpose wet welding electrodes
• Enhanced rutile flux coated
• Optimum size for easy manipulation
• Simple to use in all positions
• Easy to strike and re-strike
• Smooth, easily maintained visible arc
• High metal transfer efficiency
• Excellent root penetration and sidewall fusion
• Finely rippled, well-shaped beads
• Self-releasing slag

Order Details:  
Welding Rods FS, Hydroweld, 3.2 mm D-ST-166
Welding Rods FS, Hydroweld, 4mm x 350mm, 60 pieces D-St-167


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