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Miller XMT 425 Series, Welding Inverter

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  • Miller XMT 425 Series, Welding Inverter
Miller XMT 425 Series, Welding Inverter

• Low Open Circuit Voltage
• Ultra-tough, poly carbonate-blended cover for control panel
• Line voltage compensation keeps welding output constant even if input power varies by +/-10%
• Large, dual digital meters
• Fan-on-demand cooling system operates only when needed, reducing noise, energy use and contaminants pulled through the machine
• Lift-Arc ™ technology that allows TIG starting without the use of high frequency.
• Lightweight, aerospace-grade aluminium case offers protection with the benefit of reduced weight
• Exceptional electrical efficiency of 87.24% at 400Amps.
• Auto remote sense enables unit to automatically use remote control if connected to remote control receptacle

Height: 432mm
Width: 318mm
Depth: 610mm
Weight: 36.3kg
Input Power: 3 Phase, 208 -460VAC, 50/60Hz
Rated output: 10-38V, 5 - 425A
Max Open Circuit Voltage:75VDC

Order Detail:  
425amp Miller Welding Inverter D-ST-181
425amp Miller Welding Inverter in handling frame D-ST-182


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