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Chamber Communicator Twin-Lock

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  • Chamber Communicator Twin-Lock
Chamber Communicator Twin-Lock

The most unique feature of these versatile and powerful Rack Mount Communicators, is the design of separate channels and volume controls for each diver and tender, both for the up-link and the down-link paths. These communicators come standard with rear mounted MS connector, providing connections to diver and tender inputs and outputs. All rack mount radios include a Hand-Held Push-To-Talk Microphone. You can set the volume for each diver and tender to their individual comfort level. Both divers can be set up on Simulcom or Push-To-Talk, or one diver on Simulcom and the other diver on Push-To-Talk mode, or any combination of the two modes. The rechargeable Gel-cell type battery automatically recharges while operating the unit. The voltage is automatically selected for 110/220VAC, 50/60Hz, with built in isolation transformer. The unit features a Battery Condition Indicator.

Length: 257mm
Width: 203mm
Height: 191mm
Weight: 6.8kg (without batteries)
Battery Back-Up: 110/220VAC, Internal 12VDC
Power: 115/230VAC, 50/60Hz
Rear connector input / output: MS 14 pin, Male & Mating Connector
Enclosure: 19" black anodised aluminum rack
Back-up Battery: 12VDC rechargeable Slide Terminal Gel-cell batteries 
Battery Life: 15 hours (approx.)

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Twin Lock - Chamber Communicator, AC Powered With Battery Back Up And Microphone D-C-490


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