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Commerial Dry Suit- Viking Haztech

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  • Commerial Dry Suit- Viking Haztech
Commerial Dry Suit- Viking Haztech

The HAZTECH suit has been developed as a lightweight robust suit for diving in hazardous and contaminated water conditions, particularly where there may be a danger of heat exhaustion in warm water or hot climatic conditions. The HAZTECH is easily cleaned, having a smooth exterior finish. These suits are made from black woven nylon, with a red thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) exterior with high frequency welded seams for maximum strength and safety and heat applied internal seam tape. It also features black welded reinforcements applied to the shoulder area and elbows and embossed knee pads welded above and below the knees. The PU zipper is MED duty. Neo boots are included.

Material weight: 483 g/m2
Certification: EN14225-2:2005 + HZ + BIO


Order Detail:  
Viking, HAZTECH - with Surveyor Hood and Dry Gloved, & Neck seal, Pro cuffs, HDS cuff rings, std hose & X2 exhaust valves D-PD-313
Viking, HAZTECH - Haztech, Magnum HDS hood, Latex neck seal, Pro Cuffs, HDS cuff rings, std hose & X2 exhaust valves D-PD-314
Viking, HAZTECH - Haztech, KM27-37 HDS yoke, Latex neck seal, Pro cuffs, HDS cuff rings, std hose & X2 exhaust valves. D-PD-315


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