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Asset Management

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Protecting the availability and capability of your assets

If you own or operate Seaflex buoyancy bags, a Unique Group brand, it's important that your valuable assets are maintained to the highest standards of safety and efficiency.

No-one knows these bags or works with them more often than we do, with tens of thousands of Seaflex bags in our worldwide rental pool being maintained across dozens of locations to the same exacting standards as in our own factory

Key services include:

  • Servicing of your owned Seaflex bags to factory standards, either at our UK factory or at the nearest of our 30 worldwide service centres to your location.
  • Training of your own personnel to carry out factory-standard servicing of your Seaflex bags
  • Travelling to your yard or project to carry our such servicing prior to and / or after use

Our engineers have extensive experience in inspection, maintenance and repair and our custom asset management software allows us to provide a total management capability.

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