Spanning over 25 years of experience in Europe, Unique Group has established itself as a leading integrated solutions provider to the subsea construction, diving and IRM industries in the region. The last couple of years have been instrumental in shaping up the company’s future in the continent amid a period of further growth and expansion.

The current challenging times have not deterred the company’s vision as the team in the UK continues to bolster their Survey Equipment and Autonomous Marine divisions with the addition of new and pioneering technologies. With an increasing focus on offshore renewables in line with its sustainability initiatives, Unique Group’s Survey Equipment division continues to invest in newer technologies such as the Parametric Sub Bottom Profilers, class leading Multibeams, Sidescans, Geometrics Magnetometers and Ultra High Resolution Seismic Equipment. In line with these growth plans, the company recently designated Alan Cameron as the Technology Head of the Survey Equipment division. With over 30 years in the industry, Alan was previously overseeing UK operations as the company’s General Manager.

With Alan stepping into a new and challenging role, Richard Main has been designated as the General Manager for the company’s UK operations that also include commercial diving and buoyancy & ballast. Richard has been associated with Unique Group for a year, however, has a wider experience working in the offshore survey & ROV industry for nearly 30 years. Recently, he was also voted on to the committee of the Hydrographic Society’s Scotland arm. Richard’s elevation to this coveted position is in line with the Group’s HR policies in recognising core talent within the organisation to lead in pivotal roles.

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