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Safe and Efficient Cable Solutions from Unique Group

Unique Group offers a complete range of cable solutions to secure different cables effectively. We provide high-quality merchant marine solutions at competitive prices. Our main focus is to adhere to the strictest quality requirements and safety standards. We combine the expertise of our engineers with modern technologies to develop unmatched winches and deck equipment for exceptional performance. 

The products we offer in this category are a retrofit riser system, bend restrictor, cable protection system, and piggyback saddles. The retrofit riser system comes with dedicated locating clamps and a cable protection system. It is suitable for applications in risers, bundled pipelines and cables, and subsea cable crossings. The cable protection system is developed to ensure optimum protection of the power cables, fibre optic cables, rigid flowlines, umbilicals, and hoses. It protects them from potential impact and abrasion. The bend restrictor controls the bending of the umbilical, flexible pipelines, and cables to prevent potential damage. The piggyback saddles are also suitable for applications in pipelines, cables, and umbilicals. 

Still, wondering what makes our survey equipment the best in the industry? Consider the benefits listed below.

  • Quick Installation: Our surface vessel equipment has a simple design and can be installed in much less time. The installation process is also safe. 
  • Custom Designs: The bend restrictors are available in bespoke custom designs. Based on the unique requirements of the customers, they can select the right option.
  • Excellent Abrasion and Impact Resistance: Our cable solutions offer top-notch resistance against impact and abrasion.
  • Affordable: All our products are available at competitive prices. The aim is to make them easily available to the users.

At Unique Group, we have a team of cable solution specialists who can provide the required assistance to customers. Need more information about our cable solutions? Connect with our professionals to get relevant information.