Buckleys BathyCorrometer ® Pro: Complete Kit
Buckleys BathyCorrometer ® Pro: Complete Kit
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Buckleys BathyCorrometer ® Pro: Complete Kit


Unique Group provides the latest generation Buckleys BathyCorrometer ® Pro – Complete Kit which is renowned for its rugged, dependable construction. It has built a reputation for reliability and its ability to handle harsh environments whilst taking accurate measurements.


Equipped with a high visibility LCD display which provides high clarity.

The monitoring kit uses the latest surface technology electronics and has proven rugged construction.

It is upplied with a calibration certificate.

Facilitates remote monitoring via Surface Display Unit Pro.

Can be single-handed and is lighter in weight.


Operation depth: up to 350 metres

Display: 0.001 to 1.999v

Accuracy: 0.05% typical

Battery charger: 14hr standard 110-230V AC

Input impedance: 1MOhm


Offshore structure survey

Subsea inspection

Corrosion monitoring

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