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Buckleys Marine Reference Cell: Silver/Silver Chloride with 12.5m Cable

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Unique Group in collaboration with Buckleys, offers Marine Reference Cell with a 12.5m cable. The Marine Silver/Silver Chloride Half Cell is suitable for installation on surface structures such as jetties. It has been specially designed to allow easy monitoring when connected to a separate high impedance voltmeter (greater than 10 meg Ohm).


Easy-to-use cable enabling monitoring with voltmeter.

Offers service life up to 5 years.

Electrode is housed in a PVC body allowing easy flow of water.

Inert PVC body casing



Output: +42mV @ 25°C to K-Series reference cell

Accuracy: +/-10mV in 3% sea water.

Temperature coeff: -0.6mV/°C

Temperature range: 0-30°C

Weight (cell & cable): 350g


Installed on jetties.

Applicable for use in the marine industry.

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