Digital EdgeDVR 1HD4SD: 4 Channel System
Digital EdgeDVR 1HD4SD: 4 Channel System
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Digital EdgeDVR 1HD4SD: 4 Channel System

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EdgeDVR 1HD4SD is a complete digital video inspection system. It is a 4U rack-mounted unit with a total storage capacity of 9TB. The system has 3 removable hard drives, which store the survey video, anomaly clip video, photos and all logs.


Single Channel High Definition or Quad Channel Standard definition digital video recording (2 x 3TB Storage). Various formats, 1080i / 720p, 576 etc.

Combined Mode Recording Single Channel HD & Triple Channel SD.

Automatic Single Channel HD/ Quad Channel SD Blackbox video recording (3TB Storage).

Digital overlay c/w variable transparent logos and fields.

Full HD video stills and video clips.




Simultaneous 4 channel digital video recording (2 x 3TB Storage)

Automatic 4 channel Blackbox video recording (3TB Storage)

4 channel independent digital overlay with variable transparent logos

Simultaneous 4 channel video stills and video clips


Visual inspections on subsea structures which require real time event logging

Offshore inspection

Maintenance projects

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