NETmc Marine: Digital Video Recorder (DVR)
NETmc Marine: Digital Video Recorder (DVR)
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NETmc Marine: Digital Video Recorder (DVR)


The NETmc Marine DVR is a new concept in video acquisition; a single unit that can be upgraded in the field simply by adding a new code, it replaces all previous DVRs in our product range.

The basic configuration is a single composite channel recorder, but more channels can be added as well as overlay, black box functionality and compatibility with third party software.

Other options include HD recording, compatability with our range of DVCi cameras and support for the growing IP / RTSP camera market. The system can also be installed in ruggedised cases for portability.


Upgradeable in the field

Three chassis styles available: 1U single channel DVR, 4U multi-channel DVR, Peli case portable system

Supports SD-CV, HD-SDI, HDMI and RTSP

Supports video streaming for vessel distribution

Rent or buy upgrades for specific projects


1U box supplied with either an SD CV input or an HD SDI input

4U box base configuration with a four channel SD CV input card

IP rated keyboard and connectors


Diver operations

Micro ROV operations

Environmental studies and drop camera recording

Tank and harbour inspections

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