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Geo-Source 200 Light Weight: Marine Multi-Tip Sparker System

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The Geo-Source 200 light weight is designed for operation with the Geo-Spark 1000 Pulsed Power Supply using the “Preserving Electrode Mode”. This patented concept consists of using a NEGATIVE electric discharge pulse, instead of a positive electric discharge pulse.


Specially designed for small vessel surveys

Water depths from 2 to 500 m

Penetration to 200 – 300 ms below seabed depending on geology

Vertical resolution up to 10- 30 cm

Overall performance depending on the acoustic characteristics of vessel, geology and acquisition conditions


Dedicated coaxial HV cable contains 4 leads of 6 mm2 plus outer braiding of 24 mm2.

Each tip has an exposed surface of 1.4 mm, suitable for maximum 10 Joules per tip

For the highest resolution it is recommended to set the energy output< 400 Joule

Source depth is set to 15 – 20 cm below the surface


Small vessel surveys

Site and route surveys

Offshore engineering

Mineral exploration

Sand searches and oceanographic research

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