Imenco Spinner Shark: HD Zoom Camera
Imenco Spinner Shark: HD Zoom Camera
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Imenco Spinner Shark: HD Zoom Camera


Imenco Spinner Shark wide angle HD zoom camera has high quality subsea lens camera designed for ROV operations. Specially designed lens system in the it provides premium optical quality with 30x optical zoom and 72 degree diagonal angle of view.


Specially designed water corrected lens system for premium optical quality

Lens system – Rebikoff-Ivanoff, fused silica

Standard connector Seacon minL FCRL (Fibre connector optional)

The Spinner Shark can be fitted with an extra connector for fiber output



Main dimensions of the spinner shark: WxDxH = 410/100/234

Video Resolution 1080p @60 fps and format HD SDL

Power requirements of 24 VDC (12-36)

Mass in water is 2.9kg


Subsea inspection

ROV operations

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