Seapoint: Turbidity Meter
Seapoint: Turbidity Meter
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Seapoint: Turbidity Meter

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The Seapoint Turbidity Meter is a sensor that measures turbidity by detecting scattered light from suspended particles in water. Its small size, very low power consumption, high sensitivity, wide dynamic range, and 6000 meter depth capability allow this sensor to be used in most applications where turbidity or suspended particle concentrations are to be measured.


Very low power requirements

Small size, 6000 metres depth capability

Optically confined sensing volume

Insensitive to ambient light

Linear output over more than 5 decades


Power requirements: 7-20 VDC, 3 mA avg, 5 mA pk

Output: 0-5.0 VDC

Output time constant: 0.1 sec

Output impedance: 1000 ohms

RMS noise: < 1 mV


Profiling, moored, towed, or in-line measurements

Pollution/Runoff monitoring & dredging and construction monitoring

Sediment transport and settling studies

Ocean science and research

Hydrothermal vent and crude oil detection

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