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NET MC Marine 73fifty DVR

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  • NET MC Marine 73fifty DVR
NET MC Marine 73fifty DVR

The 73fifty Peli is a ruggedised single  channel portable digital video  recorder (DVR). It has been designed  for use anywhere that a portable  video recorder is required, however it  is particularly suited as a companion  product to small or micro ROV or  diving operations. Packed full of  advanced features, it is more than  just a replacement for the VCR. It  introduces a new era in portable  video acquisition, retrieval and file  management whilst maintaining ease  of operation.

Key Features

MPEG2 format encoder, selectable bit rates.

Easy to understand VCR type controls,  TFT Monitor.

Instant review of current file, playback of video from recorder.

Grab stills during recording or playback, download video to PC via USB.

Microphone input, pass through video and audio connectors.

Built-in speaker for audio replay, built-in overlay with Serial Input.

Ruggedised Peli case. power-off protection.

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