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A1500/100 Commercial Diving Chamber

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  • A1500/100 Commercial Diving Chamber
Catalogue - D-DC - Commercial Diving Chambers
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Designed for use on board diving support vessels and coastal support bases, these diving chambers can be either built into the diving support vessel or containerised. The chamber is rated to a depth rating of 100m / 334fsw in accordance with the latest ASME-PVHO code with U-stamp. The Pressure Vessel design is approved by ABS and the construction of the vessel is reviewed and witnessed by ABS surveyors. The chamber has two locks, namely the main and entry lock and complies with all standard IMCA requirements for a deck chamber used for re-compression including single view-ports in each lock. The internal fit-out includes sound-powered phones, a hyperbaric fire extinguisher, Stainless Steel wear surfaces and two internal bunks allowing for either two recumbent patients or four seated occupants. The control panel is fitted with an oxygen analyser, two pressure-indicating gauges, one therapeutic gauge, an electrical control panel and a twin-lock communications panel. The gas systems on the chamber include dual pressurisation of the main and entry lock. The electrical system includes a battery back-up and a dual incoming power supply.
The ASME-PVHO-U-Stamp IMCA-ABS and PD5500-PVHO-IMCA design codes are available.

Inner Dia.: ± 1500mm (± 60")
Length: 3620mm (142")
Width: 1770mm (70")
Height: 1927mm (76")
Weight: 2760kg (empty)
3000kg (fitted out)
Volume: 5.9m³
Entry Lock Volume: 1.8m³
Main Lock Volume: 4.1m³