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LRE 50 A2, 2 Diver Open Cage Extended Reach LARS

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  • LRE 50 A2, 2 Diver Open Cage Extended Reach LARS
Catalogue - D-LR - Launch and Recovery
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The LRE 50 A2 is an Extended Reach Launch and Recovery capable of lowering a 2 diver air dive basket 9m from the vessel side to a depth of 50m. The purpose long reach is to replace the requirement of the “golden gate” method of managing long excursion umbilicals when the dive support vessel is not able to position close enough to the job site. The LRE 50 A2 comprises a base skid with an A-frame knuckle and boom, a 1- ton main winch, a 650kg guide wire winch and umbilical powered sheaves all supported by a primary and a secondary HPU. This system is DNV approved.


Length: ± 5020mm

Width: ± 2830mm

Height: ± 5000mm

Extension reach: 9m

Ascent Rate Divers: 18m/min

Ascent Rate Guide: 36m/min

Main Winch: 1000kg

Guide Wire Winch: 650kg