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Diving & Life Support

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LR100 A3, 3 Diver Wetbell System

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  • LR100 A3, 3 Diver Wetbell System
LR100 A3, 3 Diver Wetbell System

The LR100 A3 is the biggest of our range of wet-bell deployment frames with a combined divers control room, umbilical storage and management all in one ISO container footprint. The LR100 A3 is a 3 diver wet bell launch and recovery A-frame. The skid and A-frame are manufactured to suit tough usage and harsh marine conditions through the use of a durable marine-grade paint system. The winch and hydraulic package includes a 2,7-ton divers’ winch with 110m of wire rope, and a 1,5-ton (3-ton double-reeved) guide wire winch with 220m of wire rope. Two independent hydraulic power packs are mounted under the winch skid and provide main and standby power requirements for the system. The L&R comes complete with a full documentation package that provides all that is required to pass an IMCA or ADC audit the first time. A control cabin forms an integral part of the structure of the main skid. The control cabin can be supplied with or without dive control. If supplied, the dive control room is fitted with a 4 diver panel and wet-bell control panel; communications and other optional diver control systems can be easily integrated into the control room. Ask our Sales Team for further information on this diving solution.

Length: ± 6030mm
Width: ± 2400mm
Height: ± 4300mm
Ascent Rate Divers: 18m/min
Ascent Rate Guide: 36m/min
Divers’ Winch: 3000kg
Guide Wire Winch: 1500kg

Order Detail:

LR100A3- 3-Diver Wet Bell LARS, excluding Dive Control   D-LR-073 
LR100A3- ABS - 3-Diver Wet Bell LARS- ABS, , excluding Dive Control D-LR-074
LR100A3-DNV 3-Diver Wet Bell LARS- DNV, excluding Dive Control D-LR-075
4 Diver Air Dive Control- Fitted into LR100 D-LR-073-01
4 Diver Mixed Gas Dive Control, Fitted into LR100 D-LR-073-02
4 Diver Air Dive Control- Classed Fitted into LR100 D-LR-074-01
Spares for LR100A3 D-LR-073-03
Spares for LR100A3 Classed D-LR-074-01


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