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SL 3.3, 1500 Chamber & HP Air Storage

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  • SL 3.3, 1500 Chamber & HP Air Storage
SL 3.3, 1500 Chamber and HP Air Storage

The SL 3.3 layout features a 1500 deck decompression chamber and an HP air storage area which is separated by a partitioned wall with an access door. The HP storage area, which is ventilated by a forced draft fan, includes 2 x 12 cylinder gas banks in a galvanised handling frame with a high capacity HP compressor. The DDC area is fully air conditioned.

Order Detail:

SL 3.3 DCON 1500 Chamber & 12 Cylinder Air Bank  D-CDS-389
HP Compressor Integrated into HP Storage Space  D-CDS-389-01
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