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Valeport Midas WLR

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  • Valeport Midas WLR
Valeport Midas WLR

The Valeport Midas WLR is a precision water level recorder, designed for use in both autonomous, or real time deployments. Fitted with a 0.01% accuracy pressure sensor and accurate PRT temperature sensor as standard, the Valeport Midas WLR features a variety of operating modes from rapid 8Hz continuous sampling to power saving burst modes for long term monitoring. The instrument is available in both shallow water acetal or deep water titanium versions, and is suitable for fixed or inline mooring, with a variety of communications options built in.

The Valeport Midas WLR comes with a choice of pressure sensor ranges to suit the depth requirement of the operator. The sensor used is a revolutionary piezoresistive cell with internal temperature compensation, giving the accuracy and resolution levels normally associated with a resonant quartz sensor, but with increased durability, stability and recalibration intervals.

Key Features

High accuracy data.

Long deployment times.

Wide choice of sampling regimes.

0.01% pressure sensor.

In-line or seabed deploments.

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