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Valeport Midas WLR

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Valeport Midas WLR
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The Midas WLR Seabed Tide Recorder is the latest instrument in Valeport proven range of tide gauges and water level recorders. Designed with ease of operation, reliability and high data quality in mind, the Midas WLR will appeal to oceanographers, hydrographers, offshore engineers, or anyone else who requires precise water level measurements in situations where a conventional shore based tide gauge system is inappropriate.

The Midas WLR is configured through Valeport's standard DataLog 400 Windows based software, which also allows data extraction and display in variety of formats. The instrument is particularly suited to long deployments, with 8Mbyte of memory.

The Midas WLR has a wide choice of sampling regimes and rates. The user may choose to sample at 1, 2, 4 or 8 Hz, and may choose to log/output data continuously, on demand through external instrumentation, or most commonly in a burst pattern, where data will be measured for a short period of time before the instrument enters sleep mode. This mode conserves both battery power and memory capacity. Additionally,and in common with all Valeport "400 series" instruments, the 730T features a conditional sampling mode, whereby the output from a chosen sensor is monitored regularly, but logging does not occur until the data values pass a customer set trigger level. All measured data may be averaged on board, together with standard deviation values.  All Unique Group systems come complete with all necessary accessories and Valeport Datalog software.

Key Features

High accuracy data.

Long deployment times.

Wide choice of sampling regimes.

0.01% pressure sensor.

In-line or seabed deploments.