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Kongsberg OE 14-364 High Resolution Camera

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  • Kongsberg OE 14-364 High Resolution Camera
Kongsberg OE 14-364 High Resolution Camera

The Kongsberg Maritime OE14-364/365 colour inspection cameras  utilise Hyper-HAD solid-state sensor technology to produce  excellent light sensitivity and outstanding image definition.  The professional features associated with all Kongsberg Maritime  cameras have been built into a compact and rugged underwater  housing, ideally suited for diver and vehicle deployment.

The unique, high integrity housing design incorporates a  rubberised screw-on front end assembly which protects against  impact damage, and allows easy and safe venting of any internal  pressure build-up when used in pressurised gas environments.  An angled back end can be supplied to suit diver helmet mounted  applications.  A manual iris over-ride feature allows maximum video  performance, even under difficult lighting conditions.

Key Features

High resolution CCD.

Diver and vehicle deployment.

High integrity, pressure venting housing.

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