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Sound Powered Phone and Cradle

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  • Sound Powered Phone and Cradle
Sound Powered Phone and Cradle

This Sound Powered Phone with Male Audio Plug provides safe, reliable transmission for chamber communications. The unit generates signal from sound waves, no electrical is required. It comes with 6 ft of extended coiled retractable cord. Also available is the bracket for the sound powered handset.

Height: 22.8 cm (9")
Width: 8.8 cm (3.47")
Depth: 10.1 cm (4")
Weight: 2 lbs. 6 oz. (21 kg)

Order Detail:

Sound Powered Phone, Always Online D-C-503
Sound Powered Phone, Push to Talk D-C-504
Sound Powered Phone, Howl Call D-C-506
In Line Mono Cable Mount Plug D-C-507
Sound Powered Phone Bracket D-C-505
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