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Through-Waters Comms Bell Station

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  • Through-Waters Comms Bell Station
Through-Waters Comms Bell Station

This compact, hi-power, 70 watt, self-contained, through-water back-up system is commonly used in diving bells and/or submersibles. This unit combines with Surface Station:


Range, Calm seas:
Up to 2 miles lateral range with 25 kHz transducer
7 miles range with optional 8.0875 kHz transducer
Transmission: 25 kHz upper sideband (optional 8.0875 kHz upper sideband available)
Output Power: 70 Watts
Automatic Gain: 100 dB dynamic range
Operating Depth: Standard up to 1,600 FSW Optional all depth transducer, over 1,600 FSW
Supply Voltage: 24 VDC at 10 amps
Housing Dims:
Height: 119mm
Width: 259mm
Depth: 90mm
Weight: 7.4 lbs (2.04 kg)

Order Detail:

OTS Bell-200 -Through-Waters Comms Bell Station D-C-474


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