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Buoyancy & Ballast

Salvage with Unique Group’s Seaflex

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Salvage with Unique Group’s Seaflex

Salvage with Unique Group Seaflex

Salvage with Unique Group’s Seaflex

The professionals’ choice for subsea salvage operations, small and large

For as long as we have been making them, Seaflex buoyancy bags have been used for the salvage of sunken or grounded vessels by vessel owners themselves, diving contractors, salvage specialists, navies and other governmental bodies.

Most salvors will already have a very good idea of what equipment they will need when they contact us. However, we are sometimes asked to provide guidance on the right bags for the job and the best way in which to use those bags. 

In the PDF on the left corner, we have uploaded a document designed to answer those most frequently asked questions in this application. We can also connect you to one of our specialists by enquiring below.

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