Geometrics: Telemetry System
Geometrics: Telemetry System
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Geometrics: Telemetry System


Unique Group offers Geometrics Telemetry System, which allows G882 magnetometers and gradiometer arrays to be  operation on long cables. The system consists of a topside power supply and modem, and a subsea telemetry bottle supplying power to the G882 systems, and sending data back up through the coaxial tow cable.


Telemetry of serial data over long cable.

Supports Geometrics magnetometers.

Supports Optimal Ranging Orion.

Allows operation of multiple magnetometers over a single coaxial cable.


Topside power supply and modem enables use on up to 6000 m 11.4 mm armoured cables.

9 m non-magnetic interconnect cable.

Power supply / communication unit dimensions: 16.5” D x 17” W x 3.5” H (41.9 cm x 43.1cm x 8.9cm) with weight 10 kg.

Operating pressure: 5,000 psi.


Well-suited for the detection and mapping of all sizes of ferrous objects and any other object with a magnetic expression.

Perfect for geological studies.

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