Geometrics TVG: G-882 Frame
Geometrics TVG: G-882 Frame
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Geometrics TVG: G-882 Frame


Unique Group offers Geometrics G-882 horizontal Transverse Gradiometer (TVG) frame, which is a stable marine magnetometer frame for acquiring transverse gradient data as part of un-exploded ordnance mitigation or pipe line tracing. This TVG does not have the long aluminium “A” Frame of the Geomatrixs system and this aids deployment and recovery from vessels with lower deployment sheaves.


Designed to support the standard G-882, with or without altimeter.

It provides a stable tow platform with G-882 magnetometers on a fixed 1.5 m baseline for optimum detection of a wide range of targets.

The Geometrics frame does not include the large A frame (as per the Geomatrix version). This aids deployment and recovery on smaller vessels without a high sheave where the long A frame of the Geomatrix TVG frame adds to the suspended height.

The tow point offers attachments for the Geometrics telemetry system, or positioning beacons, increasing the operators confidence in determining the layback and position of the TVG frame.


Shipping dimensions: 1.83 m × 0.51 m ×0.16 m and 40 kg total weight.

Maximum tow cable length: 300 metres soft tow cable, and 30V power supply.

Clevis to sensor distance: ≈3.3 m

Layback Ratio: 10:1

Inline drag on the TVG frame: 4 knots = 40kg, 8 knots = 70 kg.


Used for unexploded ordnance mitigation.

Ideal for pipe line tracing.

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