Marine Magnetics SeaSPY2:  Marine Magnetometer Towfish
Marine Magnetics SeaSPY2:  Marine Magnetometer Towfish
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Marine Magnetics SeaSPY2: Marine Magnetometer Towfish

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Unique Group offers SeaSPY2, a reliable high sensitivity magnetometer with unmatched absolute accuracy. It’s the only magnetometer that has been integrated inside an AUV and with a Glider.SeaSPY2 is also the only longitudinal gradiometer on the market.


Easy to handle with relatively low logistics issues and works instantly on power-up in cold, deep water without requiring warm-up.

Excellent accuracy characteristics and unmatched repeatability between sensors thereby improving the quality of gradiometer data.

No heading bias-no matter how our sensors are oriented, successive survey lines match up perfectly.

There are no limitations with the omnidirectional Overhauser sensors.

It has a sleek design that resists snags and minimises impacts.


Performance absolute accuracy: 0.1 nT

Sampling Range: 4 Hz – 0.1 Hz

Power supply: 9-30 VDC or 100-240 VAC

Magnetometer towfish dimesnions: Length x Diameter: 119 cm (47 in) x 7.6 cm (3 in)

Towfish weight in air and water: 12 kg (27 lbs) and 4 kg (9 lbs) respectively.


Supports deep-ocean exploration.

Assists in navigation for scientific research and subsea engineering.

Can provide critical scientific data in challenging environments.

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