KROHNE CARGOMASTER®: Tank Monitoring System
KROHNE CARGOMASTER®: Tank Monitoring System
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KROHNE CARGOMASTER®: Tank Monitoring System


Unique Group offers KROHNE’s CARGOMASTER®, which is an onboard tank monitoring and valve remote control system that provides readings from all tanks, lines and offers valve control in a user-friendly graphical interface.


60 days logging of critical data and spectrum recording during operations.

Advanced remote capabilities and extensive reporting functions.

Intuitive and user-friendly interface.

Easily interfaced to ship automation systems, vessel management systems, loading calculators etc.

Valve and pump management control systems for integrated liquid cargo and ballast handling.


Can be combined with KROHNE’s high precision OPTIWAVE marine cargo radar (FMCW) level transmitters and pressure sensors

The system includes software and instrumentation that is adapted to the customer’s individual vessel applications, as well as engineering, drawings, documentation and commissioning.


Liquid cargo monitoring on all types of vessels.

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