KROHNE EcoMATE™: Electronic Fuel Management System
KROHNE EcoMATE™: Electronic Fuel Management System
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KROHNE EcoMATE™: Electronic Fuel Management System

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Unique Group, in partnership with KROHNE offers EcoMATE™, the electronic fuel management system specially designed for real time fuel consumption and bunkering. It provides the information you need to gain full knowledge and control of fuel consumption, emissions and bunkering transactions.


Enables ship-owners to monitor all types of vessel with a single integrated tool.

Provides detailed reports about the fuel consumption of both the main and the auxiliary engines (LNG, MGO, oil mixtures etc.).

Accommodates both manual and online measured data entry to record operational data for each voyage.

Conducts data quality checks and validations.

Configurable model with various separately reported fuel consumers.


Collects data from external systems and creates voyage records with events logged.

Logging of historical data.

Automatically interfaced with a cloud solution accessible by onshore personnel.

A basic set-up will consist of flowmeters mounted in the fuel supply and return lines, and in the bunkering line, plus the EcoMATE™ workstation.

Fulfils the requirements from IMO and other authorities.


Fuel performance monitoring and reporting for all types of vessels.

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