KROHNE OPTIMASS 1000:  Flow Sensor
KROHNE OPTIMASS 1000:  Flow Sensor
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KROHNE OPTIMASS 1000: Flow Sensor


Unique Group in partnership with KROHNE, offers the OPTIMASS 1000 which is a Coriolis mass flow sensor. When combined with the MFC 010 and MFC 400 signal converters it forms the OPTIMASS 1010 and OPTIMASS 1400 Coriolis mass flowmeters for a wide range of basic applications with gases and (non-)conductive liquids.


Best price-performance ratio.

Measured values – mass flow, density, temperature.

Twin straight measuring tubes with optimised flow divider for minimum pressure loss.

Fully welded maintenance free measuring tubes in stainless steel.

No requirement for straight inlet/outlet sections.


Measuring accuracy: ± 0.2% of actual flow

Connection sizes: DN15…100 / ½…4″

Tube material: Duplex stainless steel

Accuracy of temperature: ± 1°C

Accuracy of density: Typical 0.2%


Used in mass flowmeters for ships.

Suitable for all standard applications up to 130°C

Hygienic connections make it ideal for food / beverage applications.

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