Saab Seaeye Tiger: ROV
Saab Seaeye Tiger: ROV
Survey Equipment

Saab Seaeye Tiger: ROV


The Seaeye Tiger is a very stable platform and is able to perform well in strong currents at depths of 1000m with a payload up to 32kg under the harshest conditions providing excellent handling and maneuverability


Five thrusters provide a stable platform for observation, inspection and diver support.

Internationally regarded as the industry standard observation and inspection vehicle.

Engineered design options to deliver results even for the most challenging of projects.

Its open frame construction and generous payload offer the possibility of adding a wide range of tools and sensors as well as interchangeable tool skids.



Depth rating: 1000 msw

Length: 1030 mm

Height: 590 mm

Width: 700 mm

Launch weight: 150 kg


Observation and inspection vehicle

Chosen by defence and marine science seeking increased capability in deep water.

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