SCUBAPRO Nova Light 230: Diver Torch
SCUBAPRO Nova Light 230: Diver Torch
Diving + Life Support

SCUBAPRO Nova Light 230: Diver Torch


The SCUBAPRO Nova Light 230 torch is perfect for diving, caving or just general use.The light has a colour temperature of 6000-8000K and a beam divergence of 9-10°. It also has a burn time of 14-18 hours. Making it the perfect choice for Night Divers and Cave Divers.


This standard dive light has been designed for easy, comfortable use on every dive.

It comes with a lanyard and three C batteries required for operation.

It comes with a lanyard, a clip, and an O-ring-style strap attachment.

The SCUBAPRO NOVA Light 230 is a powerful LED light with a rated output of 230 lumens.

The NOVA can be mounted on a handgrip with the use of an adapter.


Colour temp: 6000-8000K

Beam divergence: 9-10°

Burn time: 14-18 hrs

C cells: 3

Max depth: 120m


This torch can be used by scuba divers and other professional water sports enthusiasts such as spearfishermen and kayakers.

Making it ideal for diving, spearfishing, and night fishing.

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