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Gas Transfer Compressor System

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  • Gas Transfer Compressor System
Gas Transfer Compressor System

The skid mounted Gas Transfer compressor offers a compact and versatile gas transfer solution. Its compact design and configuration minimises on board installation and provides a more portable package. The skid mounted system comprises a 4 stage 90 degree Vee compressor complete with a 250L gas inlet buffer vessel, delivery line filtration pack, gas inlet oxygen and carbon monoxide monitor and trip alarm. The system features a starter/control panel mounted on the compressor skid. The compressor can be used for gas reclaim through a single turn of a three way valve. In order to use the compressor in reclaim mode, the compressor will have to be used together with a gas reclaim bag system. Our sales team is able to assist you with selecting the appropriate solution for your specific need.


  • Water cooled
  • Single acting, four stage compressor
  • Skid mounted inlet buffer tank (pulsation vessel)
  • Gas inlet oxygen monitor/trip alarm
  • Carbon monoxide monitor/trip alarm
  • Delivery line gas clean-up filtration pack
  • Marine type (captive) anti-vibration mounts
  • Gas inlet pressure reduction system
  • Skid mounted starter/ control panel



Length: 3000mm
Width: 1600mm
Height: 2119mm
Type: Single acting, 4 stage, 90deg vee
Speed: 1160RPM
Inlet: 4 PSIG MAX (transfer)
Flow: 110 m3/h FGD
Working Pressure: 200Bar g
Media: Heliox
Cooling Media: Sea or fresh water
Buffer Tank Volume: 250L
Weight: 3000kg
Control Voltage: 110V/1/60Hz
Motor Voltage: 440V/3/60Hz

Order Detail:

Gas Transfer Compressor Skid D-GM-098
Spares for Gas Transfer Compressor Skid D-GM-098-01
Gas Transfer Compressor D-GM-126
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