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ECU 101, LSP Support Environmental Control Unit

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  • ECU 101, LSP Support Environmental Control Unit
ECU 101, LSP Support Environmental Control Unit

The ECU 101 Environmental Control Unit is designed to provide temperature control to the internal conditioning unit mated inside a decompression chamber. The system comprises of two circuits, a hot and a cold water circuit. Chamber temperature and humidity controllers located on the control panel monitor the conditions in the chamber space via sensors located in the chamber. The controllers feed signals to the external control unit which in turn chills or heats the water temperature when required. Unit is for indoor use only.


  • All refrigeration pipework is insulated and protected
  • Manually controllable hot and cold water supply
  • 2 x 6kW Electrical heating elements
  • Stainless Steel heat exchanger
  • Equipped with a 48 000 BTU chiller 



  • Length: 730mm
  • Width: 639mm
  • Height: 1870mm
  • Main Electrical Supply: 330/440VAC, 3 Ph, 50/60Hz - 40A max.


Order Detail:

ECU 101-A Air Cooled LSP Support Environmental Control Unit D-EC-120
ECU 101-W Water Cooled LSP Support Environmental Control Unit D-EC-121
Spares for ECU 101-A D-EC-120-01
Spares for ECU 101-W D-EC-121-01


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