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CH180-36 Chiller Heater Master System

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  • CH180-36 Chiller Heater Master System
CH180-36 Chiller Heater Master System

The CH180-36 is a chiller heater plant that is used as a master hot and cold water plant for the supply to multiple regen units in a saturation diving system. The CH180-36 comprises a hot water circuit and a cold water circuit. The cold water circuit includes a 180kBTU water cooled chiller, volume tank, supply water pump and controls. The hot water circuit includes a 36kW electrical emersion heater, volume tank and water supply pump and controls. A typical installation will include two CH180-36 chiller heater plants acting as main and standby each installed with a chiller heater control rack in sat control.


  • Length: 1720mm
  • Width: 1174mm
  • Height: 1800mm
  • Main Electrical Supply: 380VAC, 3-Phase, 50Hz, or 440VAC, 3-Phase, 60Hz
  • Heating System: 36kW
  • Cooling System: 52.5kW, 180 000 BTU
  • Interface: 2 x 1½” 4 bolt ANSI 150 flange
  • Supply Water Flow Rate: 180lpm
  • Seawater Cooling Water Flow Rate: 220lpm


Order Detail:

CH180-36 Chiller Heater Plant D-EC-123
Chiller Heater Control Rack, 19" Rack Mount D-EC-124
Spares for CH180-36 D-EC-123-01
Can be supplied as ABS or DNV Certified. Please specify on order placementSee section for Hyperbaric Products for Internal Conditioning Units
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