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eDMS100 Diver Monitoring System – Continuous Monitoring System

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The eDMS101 is Unique Maritime Group's answer to the ever increasing requirement within the diving industry, to monitor and log critical parameters during dives. The Unique Hydra Electronic Dive Spread Monitoring System is a fully integrated modular electronic sensor monitoring suite that collects, stores, displays and reports data collected from sensors giving the diving profile of the divers. Alarms can be set to alert the dive operator if there is deviation from the pre-set dive plan parameters. An integrated 19inch rack unit HMI system can be offered if dive control space cannot accommodate the remote HMI unit.


The system allows for the measurement with real-time display and logging of the following parameters:

  • Temperature in degrees Celsius and Fahrenheit
  • Pressure in bar
  • Depth of diver in meter and feet seawater


The system further features:

  • Increased safety for divers
  • Full spread monitoring unit
  • Dive reporting function
  • Wi-Fi connectivity with remote viewing of parameters
  • Network based viewing facility
  • Expandability of base unit
  • Client customisation



Power Source: 100-240Vac 50/60Hz
Dimensions, Standard 19” 6U Cabinet: 425x465x261mm
Dimensions, Standard 19” 3U Cabinet: 425x425x128mm (remote HMI)
Dimensions, 12.1” Industrial PC: 317x243x66mm

Order Detail:

eDMS101 Diver Monitoring System - Continuous Monitoring System D-EE-201