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Diving & Life Support

6" 100MSW/ 350FSW 3D Caisson Gauge

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  • 6" 100MSW/ 350FSW 3D Caisson Gauge
6 inch 100MSW/ 350FSW 3D Caisson Gauge

High accuracy, precision quality and custom tailored dial readings. Available in readings of PSI, FSW, FFW (feet of freshwater), Bar, MSW, ISO and Metric Scales, as well as other scales and combination readings in dual scale.


  • 6" Caisson Gauge
  • Accu-Drive
  • 350ft / 100msw
  • 1/4 NPT male 316 st/st
  • Back Flange
  • Bottom Fitting
  • Yellow ABS plastic case
  • Mirror Band
  • Suitable for oxygen environment


Order Detail:

3D Gauge, Caisson, G 6", 350ft/100msw, Accuracy 0.25% of Span D-G-225


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