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LR80 A2, 2 Diver Wetbell System

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  • LR80 A2, 2 Diver Wetbell System
LR80 A2, 2 Diver Wetbell System

With a footprint that allows it to ship in a standard container anywhere in the world, it provides a cost-effective shipping solution to mobile dive systems. The LR 80 A2 is a 2 diver launch and recovery A-frame. The skid and A-frame are manufactured to suit tough usage and harsh marine conditions through the use of a durable marine-grade paint system. The winch and hydraulic package include a 1,9-ton divers’ winch with 90m of wire rope, and a 1,3-ton (2,6-ton double-reeved) guide wire winch with 180m of wire rope. Two independent hydraulic power packs are mounted under the winch skid and provide main and standby power requirements for the system. The L&R comes complete with a full documentation package that provides all that is required to pass an IMCA or ADC audit the first time.

Length: ± 3790mm
Width: ± 2170mm
Height: ± 4300mm (Max. Operational Height)
Ascent Rate Divers: 18m/min
Ascent Rate Guide: 36m/min
Divers’ Winch: 1950kg
Guide Wire Winch: 1300kg

Order Detail:

LR80A2 2-Diver Wetbell System Surface Tendered   D-LR-068 
Upgrade LR80 A2 to include Main Bell, Powered sheave, and Umbilical Basket  D-LR-068-01 
LR80A2 2-Diver Wetbell System Include Main Bell, Powered sheave, and Umbilical Basket. ABS Class D-LR-119
Two Diver Wetbell ( wetbell only ) D-LR-267
Spares Kit for Hydra LR 80A2 D-LR-068-02


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