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TRDI ADCP WH Sentinel 300/600/1200kHz

  • TRDI ADCP WH Sentinel 300/600/1200kHz
Teledyne RDI Workhourse Sentinel ADCP

The self-contained 1200, 600, 300kHz Workhorse Sentinel is Teledyne RD Instruments most popular and versatile Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler configuration. By providing profiling ranges from 1 to 154m, the high frequency Workhorse Sentinel ADCP is ideally suited for a wide variety of applications. Thanks to Teledyne RDI’s Broadband signal processing, the Workhorse Sentinel also offers unbeatable precision, with unmatched low power consumption, allowing you to collect more data over an extended period.

The lightweight and adaptable Workhorse Sentinel is easily deployed on buoys, boats, or mounted on the seafloor. Real time data can be transmitted to shore via a cable link or acoustic modem, or data can be stored internally for short or long term deployments. The Workhorse Sentinel is easily upgraded to include pressure, bottom tracking, and/or directional wave measurement for the ultimate data collection solution.

Key Features

Versatility: Direct reading or self contained, moored or moving, the Workhorse Sentinel provides precision current profiling data when and where you need it most.

A solid upgrade path: The Workhorse Sentinel has been designed to grow with your needs. Easy upgrades include pressure, bottom tracking, and directional wave measurement.

Precision data: Teledyne RDI’s BroadBand signal processing delivers very low-noise data, resulting in unparalleled data resolution and minimal power consumption.

A four-beam solution: Teledyne RDI’s 4 beam design improves data reliability by providing a redundant data source in the case of a blocked or damaged beam; improves data quality by delivering an independent measure known as error velocity; and improves data accuracy by reducing variance in your data.

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