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ABS 3 CON 1500 System

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  • ABS 3 CON 1500 System
ABS 3 CON 1500 System

The ABS 3 CON 1500 is a compact three container air dive system with a 1500 DDC. HP air storage banks are integrated into the containers for reduced deck space, mobilisation time and better weather protection.

ABS 3 CON 1500 System comprises the following: 

  • SL3.3 1500DDC and 12 Cylinder Air Bank Container
  • SL3.5 Air Dive Control and Client area Container
  • SL3.6 Machinery and Air Bank container incl 1 x LP Comp, 2 x HP Comp, 1 x HPU and 24 Cyl Air Bank
  • IMCA, OGP, Shell and Exxon Mobil Compliant


Order Detail:

ABS 3 CON 1500- OGP-Shell and Exxon Compliant  D-CDS-401
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