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BIRNS Aquila™ Underwater Multi-Use Low-Voltage Light

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The BIRNS Aquila™, BIRNS Model 5748, is the industry’s most advanced, compact underwater low voltage multi-use light. It’s packed with innovative features like a low profile Ø60mm housing, four conduit channels that enhance water flow across the lens and specially engineered cooling fins to help sink heat into the water. It has a non-browning crystal lens, immediate tool-free relamping, a 60° beam, wire-free construction, and powerful, depth-piercing 895 lumen, 3000K white light. Mates to a CEF2S power cable assembly, and has an ergonomically-designed compact mounting diameter, with a coarse diamond knurled surface for easy hand gripping or positioning on a mounting bracket. Choose low-voltage lamps of select wattages from 20W to 340W.

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